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Following a tremendously loving relationship with our Golden Retriever, Country and late in the life of our adorable soft-coated Wheaton Terrier, Bailey, Holly expressed her first desires to own a Briard. Following some research into the breed and some of it’s breeders Holly took a day trip on Northwest Airlines to Ohio and emerged from the airport with what looked like a baby “wookie” from the movie “Star Wars”.

Seems like an eternity since that day and now our "fur kids" number four. Farley, Savannah, Giacomo and Brit.Each has his or her own personality and each has added a new phase to our learning to live with, play with and love these fantastic dogs. The Jesters have continued to make a name for themselves as Holly participates in everything from the show ring to herding, agility and obedience. In fact our goal in creating the Jester line has always been to create a versatile dog with fabulous temperment, and with both Savannah and Brit being recognized as a "Versatile Dog" at the 2010 Briard Nationals we feel as though our goal is in sight.

Farley continues to lead the life of "king of the castle" lounging whereever he wishes around the house, warning us when someone enters the driveway and alarming us when the three other Jesters are misbehaving in any way.

Savannah continues to excel in every performance category she participates in, with new titles acquired this year for both agility and obedience. She still loves herding and also has taken an interest in rally but never lets any of these things stand in the way of her love for making therapy visits with Holly.

Giaco is of course the son of Farley and Savannah so his early accomplishments in training for herding and agility competition are not much of a surprise and his loving nature as he accompanies Holly on therapy visits is nothing short of spectacular.

Our "little girl" Brit is a British import from Beaugency kennels and Jenny Snelling. Winning the Best Puppy in Show title at the 2009 Briard National Specialty was a fabulous accomplishment and she has gone on in 2010 to become an American champion. She is also well on her way to obtaining her Canadian champion title as well. Brit displays great talent in the herding ring, is working towards her first title in obedience and is training hard to start to compete in agility trials, but just like all the other Jesters, Brit is now a certified therapy dog and she too takes her turn visiting kids and adults around the Twin Cities with Holly.

The Briard world has given us many new adventures and some fabulous new friendships with other Briard owners and their “fur kids”. We hope you enjoy our tribute to our dogs and certainly if you have any questions about them or our breed get in touch with us. We also have given you some links to some of Farley and Savvy’s best friends, Savvy’s breeder and to a great source of info for our breed.


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